Hand painted on canvas
by Dreamscape Images

Homemade Grinch Stuff

All we have to say is that some really fun and really weird people visit this site!

The Grinch breastfeeding from a nipple on the sweater. Sure, why not. Why didn't you think of that?

Here's a tip: don't stick a 5 pound toy to the front of your clothes. Unless you want to look like a hunchback before the night is over.

Cute eyes. Cute smile. Cute nose. Cute hat. See anything else cute?

Run and hide kids before you see Santa.

Glitter, feathers, and the Grinch. Now you're ready for prom!

Keep this one in mind if you're trying to win the ugly contest at the next party.

Here we move beyond ugly into being silly. Got to keep it ugly folks.

Now these are cool. Someone took red Converse canvas shoes and handpainted classy Grinch scenes on both sides. Amazing!

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