Hand painted on canvas
by Dreamscape Images


The Grinch has just as much fun on Halloween as he does on Christmas! The Grinch even had his own animated Halloween television show you can watch here.

To get your Grinchoween started off right you of course need a costume. There are fun costumes based on the kid-friendly animated show, and then there are also scary Grinch masks like this one:

See the full list on our Grinch costumes page.

In addition to a costume you need some Grinchy treats if you have having a party, or just for fun around the house.

One of our all-time favorites - a big hit year after year at our Halloween parties, has been cat poop. What we do is take Tootsie-Rolls and roll them in powdered sugar. When you do that they look like cat poop! For great effect you also get granola cereal and pour it in your litter box and then inter-mix your Tootsie-Roll cat poops. The granola looks like cat litter. For extra fun, what we do is buy a real plastic litter box and scoop from the store and pour the granola and rolls into it. People's eyes bug-out when they see the cat litter box label and you reaching in, pulling out cat poop and begin sucking on it. It's GREAT! A perfect gag for a Grinch.

Check out the pages for making Grinch punch and Grinch cookies. Yum yum!

Don't forget about your pumpkin!

You can get this pattern to print out and make your Grinch picture out of your pumpkin from this page about pumpkin carvings. Last time we looked there was a small fee to get the pumpkin patterns.

Here is a picture showing what one person did when carving their pumpkin using this pattern:

If you make a pumpkin like this make sure you take a picture too!


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