Grinch Animation Movie Cel

For starters, the word is cel and not cell. A cel, as we are talking about on this page, is short for celluloid. This is the sheet on which hand-drawn animations are created for use in movies.

Or, at least the way movies used to be created before special computers came along.

Original movie cels are very valuable, often expensive, but make for fun, unique, and very special gifts and collector's items.

Note that many movie cels are not necessarily unique, but are reproduced in limited edition collectible runs. They are almost unique, still just as much fun to have, and far cheaper to acquire.

If you want to see any Grinch cels currently available for purchase:

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of this page as we grow our collection of awesome Grinch animation cels that others have already bought.

The Grinch is trying to rescue his sled of ill-gotten toys and gifts stolen from the Whos and prevent it from sliding down the mountain. His faithful sidekick, Max, is helping out as best as a dog can do! Signed by Chuck Jones the cel has the original animation production numbers and a gold seal provided by Linda Jones Enterprises Inc. This cell was originally in a frame. When the frame was removed you can see the production numbers written at the bottom.

$2999.99 was the list price and the buyer paid a private best offer amount. The amount was more than $1300.

Poor ol' Max just doesn't want to be a reindeer. In this cel the Grinch is trying squeeze himself out of the python-like clutches of Max who is now on the sleigh instead of pulling it. Signed by Chuck Jones the cel has original production numbers written at the bottom and a gold seal authentication by Linda Jones.


The Grinch has stolen all the presents and his Santa bag is over flowing. In this animation cel he is on top with his whip ready to come down on poor Max.


This cel is called "Just Like Saint Nick" and it appopriately shows the Grinch using poor Max to help measure out a Santa outfit for him to wear. This cel is signed by Chuck Jones and only 150 limited edition pieces were produced.


The greedy Grinch has just finished stealing all the presents from the Whoville home, put them in his sack and stuffed it in the chimney. In this animation cel the Grinch is getting rid to kick the sack up the chimney to his waiting sleigh. Signed by Chuck Jones, there is a production number in the bottom left and a gold seal authentication by Linda Jones.

Originally listed for $1999.99 the buyer paid a best offer price of about $900.

Santy Claus, Why? Asks little Cindy Lou Who. This classic line is the only line in the movie for Cindy Lou. At least the Grinch was kind enough to get her a glass of milk before putting back into bed. Signed by Chuck Jones and one of 500 limited edition cels showing this scene.

Originally listed for $1250 the buyer got a good deal in a private transaction.

In this funny scene the Grinch is having to saw off parts of Max's antlers because they are too heavy for the little dog. One of 500 produced copies of this cel.


Near the end of the movie, Grinch and Max are invited to Christmas dinner with the Whos. 500 copies of this cel were made, and it is signed by Chuck Jones.


The Grinch is playing with Max who is hanging upside while trying to get a hang out of being a reindeer. This cel was released in 1995 with authentication by Linda Jones Enterprises. A gold seal appears in the lower left corner, there is a paper certificate of authenticity, and the release size was 5000 pieces.



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