Grinch Ties

Check out these samples of great Grinch ties that have recently been bought:

The Grinch attaches antlers to his dog Max so he can pretend to be Santa Claus with a reindeer when riding into Whoville on this silk tie.
A happy Grinch face appears on large ornaments covering this neck tie.
Super Grinch! His heart is now three sizes too big as he prepares to return the sleigh of toys to the Whos.
Different poses of the sneaky Grinch playing golf. This is what every golfer needs.
This black tie has a variety of Grinch faces interposed on Christmas tree lights.
One big and powerful picture of the Grinch face fills the end of this silk tie.
The Grinch and his dog Max preparing in the snow to make Max a reindeer.
A blue striped tie with three pictures of the Grinch getting progressively bigger as the tie widens.
Ho Ho Ho - it's Grinchmas!
A bright red necktie featuring the Grinch with a huge sack containing all the toys from Whoville.
Unexpected colors for the Grinch: yellow and black. Somehow, this looks very nice as the Grinch appears to be coming out of the tie.


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