Grinch Pet Products For Your Dog

Max insisted that we include some Grinchy products for your dog ... err ... favorite four legged family member.

Here is a picture of our dog Roscoe:

and boy oh boy does he love treats!

Like these Tail Bangers Christmas treats - one of which is the Grinch:

These great treats are all natural. They have no artificial colors, no byproducs, no preservatives, and no artifical colors. They are made from real bacon, grains, cheese and other real foods.

Nothing but the best for your friend!

Dog Collars

Here are some Grinchy dog collars we have seen. They are not always available so you do not want to pass one up.

This green collar has the Grinch's face all along it.

This while collar has red and green polka dots, and pictures of the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who in her pajamas.

We call this the 'Mean One' dog collar.

Dog Shirts

Has your dog been naughty or nice? That is the question this Grinch t-shirt asks. It is designed for your dog and comes in sizes extra small, small medium, large, and extra large.

Order online but if it turns out there is a problem you can return it to any Petsmart.

This fun dog shirt is red with a picture of the Grinch surrounded by glitter. Your dog will have as much fun with this as you do - but take a picture quick!

Order online but if it turns out there is a problem you can return it to any Petsmart.

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