Grinch Merchandise

Grinch Waffle Maker

Check out the way cool waffles this one makes!

The Grinch waffle maker was made by Salton. This can be very hard to find and everyone (especially the kids) will love it!

Why have waffles when you can have Grinch waffles?

Dr. Seuss Letters

Did you see the letters from Dr. Seuss on our contact page?

Every once in a while a letter from Dr. Seuss comes on the market. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity! If you see it, and can afford it, grab it fast because it will never come around again.

Grinch Money

$1,000,000 in Grinch money!

Now you know how the Grinch could afford a dog and sleigh - he makes his own money! Unlike the Whos you'll be sure to find plenty of takers for this fun and bright money. A great stocking stuffer and unexpected surprise.

Grinch Mania has an EXCLUSIVE deal on the Grinch million dollar bill:
Only a dollar each - free shipping.

You read that right - a buck. $1. Free shipping and no sales tax!

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Grinch Inflatable

Wowsa - an EIGHT foot high inflatable Grinch! How could you pass this up?

There are many different styles of inflatable Grinch products, and fortunately not all are 8 feet tall. This one just caught our attention because of its size. Most inflatables will fit in your home, your roof if you want, or go for the gusto and place a Grinch to peek over the fence into the neighbor's yard :)

For even more inflatables see our special Grinch Inflatable Products Page.

Grinch Phone App

This one is for the Android and features an interactive version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

With the app a child can click on pictures to learn new words. There is easy navigation and, the best feature in our opinion, is being able to record and add your own narration to the story. You can even share it with others. That could be a lot of fun!

Grinch Movie Props

A super fun idea is to get a real movie prop used in the Grinch movie. This crazy pile of dishes was snapped up by one very lucky person.

Movie props come with a built in story that make them a lot of fun for you, your family, and everyone you know who will be more than happy to tell others about your amazing find.

Virtual Reality Window Grinch

Did you watch the video???

Talk about being a hit in your neighborhood! We have seen this type of window video for Halloween, but using the Grinch takes it to an all new level.

You will need a DVD player. Otherwise, everything you need to quickly and easily create this stunning virtual reality projection in your window should all be provided in a kit. Very simple, it only takes a couple minutes to setup.

Grinch Christmas Lights

Hard to find, but super cool if you can get one, The Grinch Christmas lights make one fun statement. Your kids will insist they go up every year.

Here are even more Grinch products ...


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