More Grinch Merchandise

If you missed it, our original and eclectic Grinch Merchandise page is here.

On this page we are listing even more Grinch products we have come across that have not yet been categorized. It's a real hodge podge. An online bazaar. Happy hunting!

Kellogg's Grinch Cereal Bowl

Can you call this a cereal bowl?

Made in 2002 by Saso for Kelloggs, it originally comes unassembled. A lot of kids would like to eat out this bowl. The bowl is a Whoville house and the Grinch is shown climbing over the chimney to look at what tasty morsels are available for breakfast.

Safe to put in top shelf of the dishwasher, but not microwave safe. Assuming you plan on using it.

Grinch Yard Art

A very bright and colorful digitally printed design, you can have the Grinch sneaking around your home.

Large. Forty-four inches by twenty-three inches. Waterproof and made of PVC material. Impressive!

You can also get cute little Cindy Lou Who to play along with the Grinch in your yard. The Cindy Lou yard art measures about thirty inches tall and sixteen inches wide. This one was made of wood.

Never one to be left out, cute Max the reindeer also has his yard art piece. His, with his faux antler, is about thirty-two inchess high and fifteen inches wide. This one is also made of wood.

Vandor Grinch Mug

This wonderful ceramic mug is made by Vandor. It features the smiling Grinch on one side with large yellow eyes. On the back are Max and Cindy Lou with a Merry Christmas message.

Large. It holds eighteen ounces and has big, easy to hold handles. Very well done.

Grinch Plate

Oooh, this is cool. This is a thirteen inch plate with the Grinch's face all over it. This is a classic look and we love it.

Not intended for food (although the Grinch is really for display anyway), this is a charger plate. What is a charger plate? An underplate, or charger plate, is a larger plate used for fancy dinners. Regular size plates are placed on top of them.

Grinch Glitter Lamp

The Grinch lava lamp is unlike a typical lava lamp. It works like a lava lamp, and looks like a lava lamp, but the inside is clear and full of glitter.

On top is a crooked tree, almost falling over with a purple star on top.

Around the base the Grinch and Max are loading up all the Who's presents into their sacks. Made in 2000.

Grinch Skateboard

Super cool, but super rare to find, this is the Jason Lee Grinch Skateboard aka skate deck.

Colorful. It shows the mean one holding a match while Cindy Lou is all tied up.

Jason Lee, if you didn't know, is a famous skateboarder and actor who has appeared in several television series. If you can even find this board it will be expensive.

Grinch Tree Skirt

Now this is what you need under the Christmas tree! The Grinch tree skirt.

We have only seen a few of these offered so it is hard to find. But it is worth the search!

The skirt is about three feet across. It has a wonderful, velvety touch on top, and satiny underneath. Perfect.

Bradford Editions Sculpture

Made in 2007 by Bradford Editions, this limited edition shows the whole gang: the Grinch, Cindy Lou, and Max.

This is from the Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Sculpture Collection.

Each piece has a certificate of authority and is hand numbered. We have a Bradford Grinch page with more pictures and information.


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