Lenox Grinch Collectibles

Here you will find every Lenox collectible featuring the Grinch. Each is accented with real 24 karat gold and made of hand painted Lenox ivory fine china.

All Board Grinch Figurine

The grinning Grinch sits atop a runaway train loaded with toys and gifts. This figurine is a good sized seven inches high. It is accented in gold and hand-painted with ivory china. Very nice, but we would change the coloring. The Grinch is shown in a white nitegown and white booties. We would have brightened this up by dressing him in red and making the train a different color. But Lenox does need to show off its ivory. The gold is 24 kt gold.

A Grinchy Moment Figurine

The Grinch happily sits on top of a bag of stolen gifts, and it looks like he is about to open the first one! This is six and three-quarters inches high, and is also accented in gold and made of hand painted Lenox ivory china.

Grinch Takes the Cake Ornament

This fun ornament is four inches high and features a pointy-toed Grinch carrying a three-layer cake. Do you think his is delivering this for Max to eat? Or is this a stolen cake the Grinch is about to devour for a midnight snack?

A Rockin' Grinch Christmas Ornament

This captivating ornament is immediately noted for the gold hooves on the rocking horse. At least the Grinch found something to ride besides a sleigh pulled by Max. The ornament is hung by a gold tassel and is just under five inches in height.

Grinch up the Chimney with Glee Ornament

Here comes Santa Grinch up the chimney with all the Whos gifts and presents. The height of the ornament is four and three-quarters inches.

A Heartwarming Grinch Holiday Ornament

Absolutely wonderful ornament and collectible. Cute Cindy Lou Who is dressed in a pink nightgown and red hairbow while presenting the Grinch a colorful candy cane. The Grinch, whose heart was two sizes too small, is humbled that someone would care for him and offer him a gift. This is our favorite Lenox ornament.

Grinchy Delights Figurine

The Grinch has stolen all the goodies from Whoville and is now caught green handed eating their cakes. This is a fun piece. The detailed frosting on the cakes might make you hungry for more holiday treats. This is a good sized figurine measuring six and one-half inches high.

Grinch All I Need Is a Reindeer Ornament

One of the classic scenes from the movie is Max the dox being turned into a reindeer. This four inch high ornament probably has more gold than any other piece, with Max's antlers being all gold.

Grinch Stealing the Roast Beast Ornament

This is an exceptionally detailed piece with the roast and trimmings and numerous packaged gifts in the sack. This ornament is smaller than others, three and five-eights inches high.

A Grinchy Sleigh Ride Ornament

This ornament is definitely near the top of our favorites. It shows a role reversal with Max riding the Grinch on the sleigh, with an innocent look of amazement on Max. The side of the sleigh is adorned with gold decoration, and gold antlers sit atop Max's head. The ornament is three and one-half inches high.

A Very Grinchy Christmas

This ornament is about four and one-quarter inches high and shows the Grinch dressed as Santa holding a candy cane with Max at his feet. Not one of our favorites it is a little plain and Max has seen happier days.

Grinch's Devious Dilemna

An interesting ornament, the Grinch is hanging in a wreath as if he were swinging from a tire swing. The height of the ornament is four and one-half inches.

Dr. Seuss "Have Heart Mr.Grinch"

About four inches tall, this Grinch has an odd smile on his face as his heart appears to grow larger. In the middle there is a blue sapphire for the heart. We are not sure why Lenox chose blue instead of red for the gem stone, although cost and creating value may have played a part.

The House of JP Who

Yes! If you can find this one, get it. This wonderful Whoville home will not be cheap, but no one else will have anything like it. The house lights up, is adorned in gold and the house has a fun red door beneath a wreath, is ringed in garland and is buried in the snow. A very delightful piece.

The Who-Ville Post Office

Another wonderful and charming piece. The post office has a clock with the number 6 at the top instead of 12 and it 2:35 as the clock spins backwards? With a rounded staircase, window, and door, and gold topped trees, you will enjoy putting this piece out year after year.

The Who-Ville Toy Shop

The toy shop lights up! A festive piece of art that looks like it has candy accents on it. Obviously, something this size, detailed, and being able to light up is not commonly found or cheap.

Return to Whoville

Wow! This is one of our favorites, perhaps our favorite figurine because of all the detail and happy faces. The Grinch is tooting his curly horn to celebrate his return to Whoville with all his stolen gifts. Max is on the sleigh, instead of pulling it, and has a very happy look on his face. The sleight is full of detail and presents. The side of the sleigh says "Merry Merry." Just wonderful.

A Grinchy Feast

In this ornament the Grinch has his cooking bib on as he prepares to carve the roast beast for the Christmas celebration. The ornament is four and one-eighths inches tall. Inside the wreath it says "Merry Merry". The Grinch is using gold handled silverware. Don't you wish yours was made of gold!

Grinch's Sweet Steal

This four inch ornament with a gold tassel shows the Grinch stealing colorful red striped candy canes.

Grinch's Perfect Present

Want a puppy for Christmas? This fun ornament shows the Grinch holding a boxed present, and Max is popping out. This is about four inches tall.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Tree

Our pictures does not do this tree justice. There are 12 ornaments that hang off the tree, including the Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou Who.

A Grinchy Gift

"Merry Christmas" is the cheerful greeting on this nice ornament. The Grinch is displaying this banner with a wreath and presents.

Grinch Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakes are extraordinarily detailed and fun to have. Did you see Max's eyes? Unfortunately, they are small and only about three and three-quarters inches tall.

A Grinchy Christmas Eve

Impressively large, this figurine is a foot high. You see the Grinch and Max with a curving tree that looks like it is about to fall over. Max has his ball next to him, ready for someone to throw it to him.

All I Need is a Reindeer

This is a fantastic piece if you can find it. The Grinch is trying to convince Max to be a reindeer. If the Grinch is going to pretend to be Santa Claus, he needs a reindeer - and Max is it!

A Grinchy Santa

Very interesting and unusual, this two piece set shows the Grinch primping himself in a mirror while he dresses up like Santa Claus.

Grinchy Greetings

Our fun loving and casual Grinch is relaxing with Max on his chest - while Max is coming out of a gift box. Hmmm, is this really how the Grich spends the day in his cave?

Grinchiest Sleigh Ride

Poor Max just isn't having fun being a reindeer. Here he is clinging to the Grinch on the sleigh to avoid being out front pulling it.

Cindy Lou and the Grinch Too

This ornament is about three and three-quarter inches high. Little Cindy Lou with her big red bow is happily getting a present from the Grinch, who evidently has had a change of heart about his evil ways.

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and Max All I Need Is A Reindeer Ornament by New in box

China RETURN to WHOVILLE The & Max on Sleigh w/ Horn Figurine MIB


The Grinchiest Sleigh Ride Ornament - new in box

Dr. Seuss Max Steals A Kiss From Figurine New In Box

Max Steals A Kiss From Figurine How Stole Christmas NEW

Trivia: The famous Grinch animated movie was narrated by the master of horror Boris Karloff.

lenox grinch

& Smiling Cindy Lou Ornament Very Merry Sound who stole Xmas

Gets The Gifts Figurine Who Stole Christmas Santa NEW

China GRINCHIEST SLEIGH RIDE & Max On Sleigh Xmas Tree Ornament COA

Trivia: Dr. Seuss graduated from Dartmouth.

Dr. Seuss Grinch's Christmas Crooked Tree - new

Stealing The Garland Ornament New Made in USA

Ornament "A Grinchy Change of Heart"


Steals The Stockings Figurine How Stole Christmas NEW


lenox grinch

Christmas Crook Figurine Thief Stealing Tree How Stole NEW

and Max Hear The Whos Singing Ornament Christmas Gift NEW

Ornament "A Grinchy Change of Heart" - New W/Tags in Gift Box

Grinch's Wagon Of Christmas Wonder Figurine How Stole NEW


Christmas Crook Figurine w/Bag of Loot Dr. Seuss 857522 New Boxed

lenox grinch

Christmas Crook Stealing Ornaments from Tree Figurine New

Dr. Seuss Grinchy Delights Figurine - New in Box

GRINCHY DELIGHTS Figurine Dr. Seuss Santa Claus Christmas Feast NEW

UP THE CHIMNEY WITH GLEE Christmas Ornament Dr. Seuss Santa Claus

Trivia: A 3D film is being developed for release.

STEALING THE ROAST BEAST Christmas Ornament Dr. Seuss Santa Claus


Trivia: A cave on Mount Crumpit is where the mean one lives.


A Rockin' Ornament Rocking Horse Who Stole Christmas NEW

Question: Is the Grinch green from eating Green Eggs and Ham?

ornament The Grinchiest Sleigh Ride NIB COA

Dr. Seuss The 2013 A Grinchy Moment 6.75" Fine China Figurine

Christmas Grabs The Garland Ornament New in box

Gets Gifts Figurine New in Decorative Box

Recently Sold

lenox grinch

lenox grinch

GRINCH GETS THE GIFTS Figurine Dr. Seuss Christmas Toys Box Packages NEW

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Ornaments Warm Hugs Grinch’s ,snoopy’s,winnie the pooh Showcase Lot Of 3


Dr. Seuss Gets The Gifts Figurine Mint in Box COA


Dr. Seuss and Max The Perfect Present Ornament NIB

China HAVE a HEART Mr. GRINCH Sculpture Figurine February MIB

Stealing The Garland Ornament


Trivia: Cindy Lou is the little Who girl the Grinch met on his Christmas raid.

Sounding The Horn Ornament Max Who Stole Christmas NEW

Recently Sold

China GRINCH Away w/ The TREE Red Accents Christmas Ornament MIB

Collectible Grinch's Perfect Present Fine Porcelain Ornament

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Grinch's Wagon Of Christmas Wonder American By Design By Collector Item

Dr. Seuss A Rockin' Christmas Ornament - New In Box

A ROCKIN GRINCH CHRISTMAS Ornament Rocking Horse Santa Claus Hat

GRINCH Sounding the Horn with MAX Ornament Dr. Seuss NIB

- Away With The Tree - Dr. Suess Porcelain Ornament NEW in box

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Dr. Seuss A Grinchy Moment Figurine - New in Box

All Aboard With Mr Figurine Train How Stole Christmas NEW

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Dr. Suess - All I Need Is A Reindeer - Christmas Ornament Nib

Stealing Garland Ornament Ornaments Decorative Collectible Brands


Dr. Seuss All Aboard With Mr. Figurine Mint in Box NEW COA

All Aboard with Mr. Figurine NIB COA

CINDY LOU AND THE GRINCH TOO Christmas Ornament Dr. Seuss COA - NEW / BOX!

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Suess Whoville The House Of J P Who new

"A Very Grinchy Christmas" fine china ornament - The and Max - MIB

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lenox grinch

Dr. Suess - Cindy Lou and the Too- Porcelain Christmas Ornament Nib

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Grinch's Very Merry Sound Ornament

lenox grinch

lenox grinch

2004 Christmas Ornament Away With The Tree 1st In Series With Box

Grinch's Perfect Present Ornament Max NEW IN BOX

GRINCH takes the Cakes Dr. Seuss Ornament NEW IN BOX

GRINCH takes the Cakes Dr. Seuss Ornament

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LENOX Lead Crystal "Grinch With Horn" Ornament RETIRED

LENOX porcelain that Stole Christmas Salt & Pepper Shakers

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GRINCH w/Max A Very Grinchy Christmas Ornament IOB w/COA

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Dr. Seuss Christmas Crystal Up The Chimney Ornament New in Box

2004 GRINCH Christmas Ornament AWAY WITH THE TREE 1st In Series with Box

Trivia: The famous Grinch animated movie was narrated by the master of horror Boris Karloff.

& Cindy Lou Ornament Very Merry Sound Stole Christmas NEW

Grinch's Perfect Present Ornament Max How The Stole Christmas NEW


LENOX Series Christmas Ornament GREEDY GRINCH w/ BOX (1ZMA)

lenox grinch

The Grabs The Garland Ornament **NIB** $60.00

Grinch’s Very Merry Sound Ornament 4.25” Christmas Tree Girl

Away with the Tree - Pink Boxed Ornament

Grinch's Very Merry Sound with and Cindy Lou Who Ornament NIB MINT

Trivia: A musical version of the Grinch was a big hit on Broadway and continues to tour different theatres around the country.

lenox grinch

Trivia: Dr. Seuss never had any children.

~ Grinch's Very Merry Sound Ornament ~ Dr. Seuss 2017 NIB


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