Inflatable Grinch Products

On this page we are listing every type of large inflatable Grinch product we can find. So much fun! Impress everyone with how much you love the Grinch with a life-size inflatable Grinch.

Inflatable Grinch's sell out quickly every year. Once we looked and saw only 9 available online (combined, of all inflatable products) with 337 recently sold.

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8 Foot High Stand Up Grinch

This huge Grinch is bigger than life-size (if you can know what "life size" is for a fictional character!). Wearing a Santa hat, outfit, and pointy red Elf shoes this Grinch is ready to meet and greet everyone coming to the front door.

8 Foot High Stand Up Grinch with MAx

This is very similar to the prior inflatable so be aware there are TWO versions of this one. One is just the Grinch with his hands on hips. The other is the Grinch with his arms folded plus an inflatable Max. Pay attention to what is included and which version you are getting.

Santa Grinch on his Sleigh

The Grinch is playing Santa while sitting on his large sleigh full of stolen Who gifts and toys. Poor Max is looking a little woeful at having to pull this heavy load.

Animated Santa Grinch in Chimney

More than just an inflatable, it also lights up and is animated. The six foot high Grinch moves up and down as if coming out of the chimney.

Animated Santa Grinch with Tree in Chimney

Similar to the Grinch going up and down the chimney, this one shows the Grinch pulling a tree out of the chimney. Our preference is seeing the Grinch move up and down, but with this one you get to see more of the Grinch.

6 Foot High Snow Globe

The biggest snow globe you have ever seen! Six foot high with Merry Grinchmas emblazoned across the base, you see the Grinch in a wintery wonderland next to a Christmas tree and bag full of gifts.

To check availability for all inflatables:


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