Grinch Hoodie

We LOVE this hoodie. How could you not like it?

Green, with bright yellow eyes, and the oh so sly grin as if he is up to something (which he probably is). The Grinch at his best.

This blue hoodie shows the Grinch sneaking up behind some presents to steal. This is for children and comes in child's sizes 4 to 7.

This cute hoodie is made for infants. Well made to keep your little one warm, it is dark green and shows various pictures of the Grinch.

Finding a classy looking Grinch hoodie can be a challenge. Could it be that is because The Grinch and classy are not often used in the same sentence?

If you find a great hoodie, like the one in the above picture, and it fits - get it.

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Headwear--Dr Seuss - The Hoodie Hat

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Grinch Green Magic Fuzzy Shirt/Tunic Hoodie Thneed Cartoon Oscar Grouch S M L XL

Dr Seuss - The Hoodie Hat-ELO291260SC

Trivia: The pen name Dr. Seuss was originally meant to rhyme with the word voice. But everyone rhymed it with goose so that is what even Dr. Seuss started using.


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