Grinch Department 56 Products

Department 56 has been making detailed and beautiful collectibles for more than 35 years. During this time it has had the opportunity to make many treasures featuring the Grinch.

Below are pictures and details about each Dept. 56 item we have identified, followed by listings of products currently available to warm your home.

Grinch's Mt. Crumpet Cave is a rare treat. Hard to find (although around Christmas more often become available by sellers and they are quickly snapped up), but exceptional. About nine inches high, it comes from the Deptm 56 Grinch Village Series. Everyone will love seeing the Grinch and Max in their hole in the snow, whether it be your kids, friends, or family. If you can find it and swing it, this is one to get.

Can you believe a Grinch figure that is 6 feet 7 inches tall? Wouldn't you love this 79.5 inch tall Grinch to greet guests to your home in the holidays!

This same figure also comes in a 30 inch version, when two and one-half feet high is more your style.

This is exquisite, the Farfingle Deparment Store from Whoville. There are two pieces. The first is an amazingly colorful and detailed store. The second is the red car with a wreath on the front, filled with packages. It looks like someone had success shopping this year.

This is the definition of fun Dr. Seuss style. Can't the Whos make anything in a straight line? There are five pieces shown. In addition to Cindy Lou's house, there are two trees, Max, and of course Cindy Lou herself. This is a very cute piece. Just adorable!

At the Heart of Christmas is the name of this 2002 Snowbabies the Guest Collection. It features the Grinch, Max and a young Who dressed all in white holding an ornament. They are putting the finishing touches on their tree. Max is very cute in this one, and the Grinch has his green behind sticking out of his red Santa suit. He is also colorfully wearing pointy red shoes - as every Santa elf should wear.

Town Hall is the name of this piece. On the front of the building it says E Pluribus Whonum. This is not our favorite, due to the coloring (do not like) and the lack of detail and fun figures. If you are collecting all the Dept. 56 items that won't matter as you will need to get this one. Otherwise, there are better collectibles to enjoy. Still, the town hall lights up and that is impressive at night.

The Herky Jerky Whomobile. As you can see the Grinch as a snowy course on which he can drive, but the delightfulness of this piece is the Grinch on the Whomobile. It can stand by itself as a fun piece. The Grinch has a great expression on his face as he tries to control his car. Oooh, where did he get those ugly socks? The kids naturally love this one.

The Welcome Christmas Lighted Tree. Adorable as the tree lights up. You see the Grinch, Cindy Lou, Max, and a couple elves around the Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree with the Santa Grinch below is an impressive 23 inches tall. Almost two feet. A little sparse for our liking, and it is able to show off many ornaments. Made in 2000, it has 24 ornaments, each about an inch and a half in size.

The Whoville bakery. This piece definitely needs to be accompanied by others to create a Whoville village.

A Musical Sleigh that does a very good job of looking like the sleigh used in the Jim Carrey Grinch movie. About nine inches tall and six inches in length, the sleigh is animated and moves back forth to the tune We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The Whoville Music Shop. How do they get any sound out of that twisted red trumpet? Very colorful, but another pieces that fits better if you are creating a Whoville village.

The Whoville shoe shop, also featuring the Grinch trying to select which shoes to steal first.

A very pink and snow covered banquet hall. If you might be turned into roast beast you probably shouldn't go in! The are two statuesque boar looking animals guarding the front entrance, and above is cookied roast beast.

Every Who needs a tree and wreath, and this is where they go to get them. Possibly the plainest Grinch piece made by Department 56, this is only to complete the set.

A selection of five different Whos to help populate your Whoville village.

The Grinch snowbabies snowglobe, featuring the Grinch, Max and a young who catching snowflakes as their float down. The base is colorfully decorated with gifts and presents.

A different snow globe that we like even better. It only shows the Grinch and Max, but you can see the Grinch's heart has grown larger. The colorful red base is adorned with brightly colored stockings. Still empty, but that will soon change.

Max the dog cookie jar. With a happy face and a Santa hat, do you think there are any cookies inside, or did Max eat them all? This is either a collectible you don't handle much, or you kids are all over it twenty times a day getting cookies out.

Who kids and their interesting toys. An accessory for your Whoville.

Another accessory measuring slightly less than four inches - this one is exceptional. We love the detail, colors, and Max having fun with the wreath in his mouth. This is at the top of our accessories list.

As you can see, Department 56 has made a number of very stylish ornaments inspired by Dr. Seuss and the Grinch, with their colors and whimsical shapes.

More Grinch ornaments. We like these best of all because of the happy faces. We have not seen a lot of these, but if you see them they would probably be a very nice addition to your tree.

A collection of additional accessories, these figures are a lot of fun. We not only like the detail, but the actions, poses, and obvious scenes from the movie. They can really liven up your Whoville village. You (and your kids) will have a lot of fun placing them.


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