Whoville Made From Pastry and Sugar in Austin

whoville pastry

The pastry chefs at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, are making an entire Whoville this year.  This incredible (and yummy) production will require more than two hundred pounds of sugar.

Each year the Four Seasons decides to make a special gingerbread village, and this year they chose the Grinch and Whoville as their model.

Ten different Whoville houses are being created.  Some chefs spent twenty to thirty hours working on their part of the project.  As a result, the colors are vibrant and the details are spectacular.

In addition to Whoville houses the chefs, led by Chief Chef Javier Franco, have created Max the dog, a train, and sack full of toys and gifts.

Everything is edible, from the gingerbread framework for the houses all the way to the Grinch’s head.  Although it is snow free in Austin this time of year, and every time of year, these houses will have both snow and hanging icicles.

These fantastic pieces of food art will then be sold at auction to the highest bidders.  The proceeds are donated to the Shivers Cancer Center.  Each piece is separately sold so not only one person gets the yearly production.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin is located at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard.  If you are in the area it is worth going in to see this amazing production.

The Shivers Cancer Center of Austin is located at 2600 E Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Whoville, the Grinch, and other sugary characters will be on display at the Hotel until the end of the year.


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