The Grinch is in Jail!

The Grinch has been caught and he is being held in Palestine, Texas.  He can be seen in the Old Anderson County Jail at 704 Avenue A.  Visiting hours are every weekend through the end of December.

This is the new lair for the Grinch, and will be his home for weeks instead of the cave on Mount Crumpit.  But to make the Grinch feel at home, the entire jail has been transformed into Whoville.

Visiting hours for the Grinch’s Lair are Friday (six to ten pm), Saturday (ten am to nine pm), and Sunday (one pm to nine pm).

The cost of admission is only five dollars.  Personal photos inside the jail err lair are allowed.  Professional photos with the Grinch and Max are only $2 and hot chocolate to keep you warm is a dollar.  Great family fun!


The Anderson County Jail is was built in 1931.  Although common for the time, but rare for a jail, the building is designed in Art Deco style.  The jail as you see it today is pretty much how it looked when it was built, minus the prisoners of course  The jail is listed as one of the nation’s historical places,  building #98000692.


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