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How to Make Grinch Punch

Great looking green punch!

To make this use Sprite or another clear pop if you prefer 7Up or Ginger Ale.  Add lime green sherbert which will provide the coloring as it begins to melt.  That’s how simple it is to make Grinch punch.

If you cannot find lime sherbert, use lemon sherbert and add green food coloring until you get the color you want. 

Add enough sherbert to your drink as you see fit.  You probably want it a little slushy so there is enough ice cream to melt and provide coloring.  But unless you want a “root beer float” don’t go overboard with too much sherbert that never fully melts.

The interesting effect along the rim is made by mixing sugar with green sprinkles, and a bit of liquid to keep it together.

Another easy option is to pour some sugar into a shallow bowl or plate and mix it with liquid food coloring.  This will create green sugar.

Then what you do is take a glass, turn it upside down and press it into the green sugar.  If it helps, to make the sugar stick, first wet the rim of the glass.

Or, you can go without the fancy, sugary rim and just have a green drink.  Everyone will still love this Grinch Punch!

The green color is so vibrant, and unusual, everyone will love it.  Even better, it tastes good too.  Be prepared to make extra because Grinch punch often goes fast!