Pottery Barn Grinch Flannel Sheets

pottery barn grinch sheets

The Pottery Barn is not our favorite store as stocks can be low, but enough people like it.  Unfortunately, this year it was the primary place to get Grinch and Dr. Seuss flannel sheets.  Available for kids sized beds, queen size, whatever your size of bed.

These are flannel cotton sheets and Oeko-Tex certified.  That means they were environmentally friendly manufactured and are clear of harmful substances.  The set includes two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

Except, of course, in Pottery Barn fashion they apparently only had a teaser number in stock and quickly ran out.  If you are looking for Grinch stuff at the Pottery Barn, especially bed covers, you are sheet out of luck.

That means you need to find a re-seller, where someone already has Pottery Barn sheets and is selling them.  These sheets will still be new.  The seller had no intention of buying them to use them, but instead was buying them to resell them.  After all, it was Pottery Barn so they knew there was a good chance there would not be enough in stock.

You can check current availability here:


More information can be found on our Grinch Pottery Barn Products Page

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