Police Officer Dressed as Grinch Hands Out Onions

Some things are so surreal you need to see it to believe it:


For twelve years Chief Lou Caputo from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Bureau has been dressing as the Grinch.  When he catches someone going up to five miles an hour faster than the speed limit in the school zone in front of the Marathon, Florida Stanley Switlik elementary school, he offers them a choice of receiving an onion or a ticket.

Apparently, only nine out of ten drivers choose the onion instead of a ticket.  We have no idea what the one out of ten drivers is thinking when deciding to be ticketed.

Maybe it is because of the stench.  Caputo doesn’t hand out fresh onions to be used for dinner.  Instead, he pokes holes in the onions and lets them sit for a month.  By the time he hands them out they are very stinky.  Want you car to smell like onions?

When someone is caught speeding a uniformed police officer pulls over the driver.  After running a quick check on the car, Caputo then emerges as the Grinch to surprise the driver and offer them the onion deal.


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