How to Make a Grinch Lollipop


Karen at Sugar Town Sweets has posted very detailed instructions on ow to make these fabulous Grinch lollipops:

The setup is easy, although you will need some supplies.  Melt red jolly ranchers and use heart shaped molds to cut out heart shapes.  Then melt green jolly ranchers and press the red hearts into the larger green shape, and add a lollipop stick.

Supplies needed:

- Lollipop sticks

- Red jolly ranchers

- Green jolly ranchers

- Small heart shaped cookie cutter mold

With these wonderful treats your heart may grow three sizes too watching the kids have fun with these lollipops. 



Pottery Barn Grinch Flannel Sheets

pottery barn grinch sheets

The Pottery Barn is not our favorite store as stocks can be low, but enough people like it.  Unfortunately, this year it was the primary place to get Grinch and Dr. Seuss flannel sheets.  Available for kids sized beds, queen size, whatever your size of bed.

These are flannel cotton sheets and Oeko-Tex certified.  That means they were environmentally friendly manufactured and are clear of harmful substances.  The set includes two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

Except, of course, in Pottery Barn fashion they apparently only had a teaser number in stock and quickly ran out.  If you are looking for Grinch stuff at the Pottery Barn, especially bed covers, you are sheet out of luck.

That means you need to find a re-seller, where someone already has Pottery Barn sheets and is selling them.  These sheets will still be new.  The seller had no intention of buying them to use them, but instead was buying them to resell them.  After all, it was Pottery Barn so they knew there was a good chance there would not be enough in stock.

You can check current availability here:


More information can be found on our Grinch Pottery Barn Products Page

Police Officer Dressed as Grinch Hands Out Onions

Some things are so surreal you need to see it to believe it:


For twelve years Chief Lou Caputo from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Bureau has been dressing as the Grinch.  When he catches someone going up to five miles an hour faster than the speed limit in the school zone in front of the Marathon, Florida Stanley Switlik elementary school, he offers them a choice of receiving an onion or a ticket.

Apparently, only nine out of ten drivers choose the onion instead of a ticket.  We have no idea what the one out of ten drivers is thinking when deciding to be ticketed.

Maybe it is because of the stench.  Caputo doesn’t hand out fresh onions to be used for dinner.  Instead, he pokes holes in the onions and lets them sit for a month.  By the time he hands them out they are very stinky.  Want you car to smell like onions?

When someone is caught speeding a uniformed police officer pulls over the driver.  After running a quick check on the car, Caputo then emerges as the Grinch to surprise the driver and offer them the onion deal.


Kevin MIzner Dissects the Drawing of the Grinch Cartoon

kevin mizner

Kevin Mizner is a painter in Maine, and he is a fascinating, if too short analysis of how the How the Grinch Stole Christmas was drawn and painted.

Chuck Jones, the famous Loony Tunes artist, was the director for the scenes in the classic animated Grinch movie.  In his blog post Kevin Mizner dissects some of the techniques used.  If you are a professional painter what he discusses may be very basic and not news at all.  For the rest of us, it is a fascinating look at some of the techniques painters use to draw our attention and create memorable pieces.

Maybe this is why some painters are famous, and the rest of us think painting is easy but our works come out as obviously inferior.

In the picture above with Max in front of the window, Mizner explains that Chuck Jones is using a division by three to separate and size the different objects in the scene.

The largest object is the house.  The second largest object, the snow, is one third the size of the house.  The third largest object, the sky, is one third the size of the snow.

Proportional drawing of sizes.  There is one tip.

Another tip Kevin discusses is the use of value patterns and value schemes.  This is where Chuck Jones laid out a few primary colors to use in a scene, which might involve light on dark with one tone variation of each. 

kevin mizner

Here, if we are understanding Mizner correctly, there are two obvious color tones: the yellows of the back wall and the reds for the fireplace.  The dark green tree carefully breaks them up to provide not only contrast, but a scene appealing to the eye.

One of the joys of the Grinch is of course the story.  But the carefully thought out animation has likely helped make the animated movie one of our enduring favorites.  The professional techniques used are of course out in the open for anyone to see, but the beauty may be not realizing what is being done to capture our attention and make an engaging visual story.

The Grinch is in Jail!

The Grinch has been caught and he is being held in Palestine, Texas.  He can be seen in the Old Anderson County Jail at 704 Avenue A.  Visiting hours are every weekend through the end of December.

This is the new lair for the Grinch, and will be his home for weeks instead of the cave on Mount Crumpit.  But to make the Grinch feel at home, the entire jail has been transformed into Whoville.

Visiting hours for the Grinch’s Lair are Friday (six to ten pm), Saturday (ten am to nine pm), and Sunday (one pm to nine pm).

The cost of admission is only five dollars.  Personal photos inside the jail err lair are allowed.  Professional photos with the Grinch and Max are only $2 and hot chocolate to keep you warm is a dollar.  Great family fun!


The Anderson County Jail is was built in 1931.  Although common for the time, but rare for a jail, the building is designed in Art Deco style.  The jail as you see it today is pretty much how it looked when it was built, minus the prisoners of course  The jail is listed as one of the nation’s historical places,  building #98000692.


How to Make Grinch Cake

grinch cake

Here is a recipe for this Grinch cake:

But when you think about it, just about any cake will do.  The key is the frosting and design on top.

What you need is a plan, such as a drawing to work from, if you are not good on your toes when drawing figures on a cake – or can fix mistakes.

Something we like about this recipe is that it is not a cake recipe at all.  It starts off with a cake.   It also assumes you have already made the frosting.  Then it proceeds step by step with what you need to have, and what you need to do, to make this design.

For example, the final step is to “change your star tip to a #2 round tip and carefully pipe the teeth onto the face of Grinch between the lines you painted on.”

That is detailed and what you need to be able to make a memorable cake face like this.  Our recommendation is to skip the teeth and just go with the smile.  But do whatever you want to make this fun for you and your family.

Remember to take a picture after completing your masterpiece!

There were a couple “ingredients” that, not (yet) being world class chefs, are not found in our kitchen.  You will want to make sure you have what you need before starting a project like this.

One “ingredient” – really an item – is a silicone rolling pin.  This is used to roll out the fondant (like icing, used to decorate the top of a cake).  Another is a fondant smoother.

You can get a silicone rolling pin here:

The reason for using silicone is that it is nonstick.  This helps make rolling out fondant, dough, or anything else easier.  It also makes cleanup afterwards a breeze.  This one we chose because it is dishwasher safe and has comfortable, longer handles which make it very easy to use.

A fondant spatula is helpful to make shapes, especially delicate shapes out of icing. Having the right tools can make your cooking projects much more enjoyable as they go faster and result in nicer looking cakes. To get a fondant spatula:



How to Make Grinch Pie

grinch pie

This comes from Ellery Adams, one of the “Cozy Chicks” fiction writers, where she posted a recipe for green Grinch pie here:

The primary ingredients are crushed chocolate sandwich cookie wafers, butter marshmallow cream, whipping cream and of course green food coloring.  Basically, it is a recipe for grasshopper pie called Grinch pie.

She also includes crème de menthe liqueur and crème de cacao, which involves alcohol, so this is not for us and not exactly kid friendly – which is what you want for fun Grinch pie.  Ironically, she posted the recipe as a part of a promotion for a story called “Pecan Pies and Homicides.”  But, if you don’t mind the alcohol used as flavoring then you can use the recipe as is.

Our suggestion is to find replacement ingredients for the alcohol and then try something like this out.


Department 56 Grinch Collectibles Added to Grinch Mania

We have added a dedicated page for Department 56 Grinch products at Grinch Mania.  There are more than enough products, and they are popular enough, to warrant their own page.

Shown above is Cindy Lou’s house.  This wonderful piece is typical of the high quality collectibles produced by Department 56.  For many years the Seuss foundation as entrusted Dept. 56 with making a steady stream of high quality items you will be proud to showcase in your room.

The Cindy Lou house, for example, is true to the book and the Who’s penchant for round, slanty buildings – the opposite of the square and straight buildings we often see.  The colors are vibrant and there is so much detail you can enjoy this piece for a long time and still find an interesting little detail you may not have previously noticed.  It shows Cindy Lou, Grinch, and Max.

Department 56 is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and is known for making fine collectibles.  The company got its start as a “department” (you can guess the number of the department, in Bachman’s florist shop in Minneapolis.  Obviously, it has well outgrown those humble beginnings and now sells products worldwide.


Can the Grinch Sue for Defamation?

Consider all the horrible things said about the poor Grinch.  Does he have a case for libel and defamation if he should consult with any attorney?

Here are some of the questions posed by lawyer turned writer Linda Holmes:

Potentially defamatory statements

We will first take some of the statements you mention in turn to explain their possible relevance to a successful claim.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

Under the laws of defamation in effect in Whoville, this would most likely be considered a statement of opinion and not actionable.

You really are a heel

Also opinion. Generally under Whoville law, successful defamation claims arise from statements of fact.

You can read the rest of her analysis of the Grinch at a blog post made at NPR.  In the end, Ms. Holmes decides it would not be prudent to pursue a defamation claim.  But she leaves open the question of whether the Grinch may have a malpractice claim against the doctor who implanted the metal frame in his chest which broke when his heart suddenly went from being too small to extra large.

David Howes: Super Grinch Collector

Meet Grinch collector David Howes from near Buffalo, New York. Do you see that huge red contraption behind him, the one that is not his barn? That is one of two sleighs from the 2000 Grinch movie starring Jim Carrey. David has this wonderful, and eighteen foot high movie prop because he is a super Grinch collector. He likes getting stuff like this.

His collection is so impressive he has been interviewed each of the last two years by his local newspaper. Interviewing David each year may become as regular as watching the Grinch himself.

David was born in 1962 and lives in East Aurora, which is a town of 6000 Southwest from Buffalo, New York, and considered to be within the Buffalo metro area. When not working in the maintenance department for the Orchard Park School District, David is busy collecting Grinch items. He has over 150 items to date. An impressive number! Fortunately, not all are as large as the Grinch’s sleigh.

Or, perhaps more accurately, when not engaged in his profession of collecting Grinch movie props, David moonlights for the School District. How many people do you know who list their profession as Grinch movie prop collector? Check out David Howe’s LinkedIn profile:

david howes

He first started collecting Grinch items in 2003 after the Grinch movie had played in theatres and movie collectibles began to become available. His first purchase was a green ornament. His most prized collectible is a pink pumbersilla, which is a combination umbrella and parasol. In Whoville, instead of stork delivering babies, pumbersilla’s float down deliving baby Whos to their new families. He also owns a brown robe worn by Jim Carrey in the movie, and the giant chair for Whoville Mayor Augustus Mayhoo. Other prizes in his movie prop collection include the hat worn by the timekeeper who kept telling people how long it is until Christmas, and a huge mug used for “Who Nog.”

In over a decade Howes has probably spent $15,000 acquiring Grinch collectibles.

A bit of trivia from Howes – the roast beast being carved at the end of the Grinch movie is not roast beef. It is an eight-legged turkey. He also notes that the Whos have six toes and 1938 candy canes were used in the movie. David was watched the Jim Carrey movie over a hundred times, includes DVD extras, so he could absorb every little detail and fact about the Whos.

During the holidays his massive collective has been displayed for others to enjoy at the Aurora Theater. The Aurora Theater is located at 673 Main Street in East Aurora.