How to Make Grinch Pie

grinch pie

This comes from Ellery Adams, one of the “Cozy Chicks” fiction writers, where she posted a recipe for green Grinch pie here:

The primary ingredients are crushed chocolate sandwich cookie wafers, butter marshmallow cream, whipping cream and of course green food coloring.  Basically, it is a recipe for grasshopper pie called Grinch pie.

She also includes crème de menthe liqueur and crème de cacao, which involves alcohol, so this is not for us and not exactly kid friendly – which is what you want for fun Grinch pie.  Ironically, she posted the recipe as a part of a promotion for a story called “Pecan Pies and Homicides.”  But, if you don’t mind the alcohol used as flavoring then you can use the recipe as is.

Our suggestion is to find replacement ingredients for the alcohol and then try something like this out.


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