How to Make Grinch Cupcakes

Grinch cupcakes.  Easy enough to get green frosting.  Your challenge will be to make it “stringy” with narrow lines you can use to draw with.  These cupcakes have the green fringe around the edges.  On top brown and yellow frosting is used to make the face and features.

An icing gun will do work.  Or, if you do not have this kitchen accessory, simply use a sandwich bag, put icing in the corner, cut off a small end and slowly push the frosting through as you create your design.

Another take on the cupcakes.  These have a little surprise inside – the Grinch’s heart which is now three times too big.

These incredible Grinch cupcakes are more works of art than anything else.  Created by nancyBee and posted at CakeCentral Nancy says to make the fondue have a puffy look she first cut out the basic shape and then softened the edges by hand molding it.  With the Grinch on top of the large cupcake, it looks like he is on top of Mount Crumpit looking down on Whoville.  To make this it is evident we have plain cupcakes.  They can be about anything but need to have a flat top.  This is all about what goes on top.  First there is the fondue which looks like snow.  Then on top are the colorful decorations.

Our recommendation:  We like the first look on the page.  Get green frosting from the store.  Spread on whatever flavor of cupcake you want.  Then draw the Grinch face on top.  For this you will also need brown and yellow frosting.

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