How to Make Grinch Cake

grinch cake

Here is a recipe for this Grinch cake:

But when you think about it, just about any cake will do.  The key is the frosting and design on top.

What you need is a plan, such as a drawing to work from, if you are not good on your toes when drawing figures on a cake – or can fix mistakes.

Something we like about this recipe is that it is not a cake recipe at all.  It starts off with a cake.   It also assumes you have already made the frosting.  Then it proceeds step by step with what you need to have, and what you need to do, to make this design.

For example, the final step is to “change your star tip to a #2 round tip and carefully pipe the teeth onto the face of Grinch between the lines you painted on.”

That is detailed and what you need to be able to make a memorable cake face like this.  Our recommendation is to skip the teeth and just go with the smile.  But do whatever you want to make this fun for you and your family.

Remember to take a picture after completing your masterpiece!

There were a couple “ingredients” that, not (yet) being world class chefs, are not found in our kitchen.  You will want to make sure you have what you need before starting a project like this.

One “ingredient” – really an item – is a silicone rolling pin.  This is used to roll out the fondant (like icing, used to decorate the top of a cake).  Another is a fondant smoother.

You can get a silicone rolling pin here:

The reason for using silicone is that it is nonstick.  This helps make rolling out fondant, dough, or anything else easier.  It also makes cleanup afterwards a breeze.  This one we chose because it is dishwasher safe and has comfortable, longer handles which make it very easy to use.

A fondant spatula is helpful to make shapes, especially delicate shapes out of icing. Having the right tools can make your cooking projects much more enjoyable as they go faster and result in nicer looking cakes. To get a fondant spatula:



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