Department 56 Grinch Collectibles Added to Grinch Mania

We have added a dedicated page for Department 56 Grinch products at Grinch Mania.  There are more than enough products, and they are popular enough, to warrant their own page.

Shown above is Cindy Lou’s house.  This wonderful piece is typical of the high quality collectibles produced by Department 56.  For many years the Seuss foundation as entrusted Dept. 56 with making a steady stream of high quality items you will be proud to showcase in your room.

The Cindy Lou house, for example, is true to the book and the Who’s penchant for round, slanty buildings – the opposite of the square and straight buildings we often see.  The colors are vibrant and there is so much detail you can enjoy this piece for a long time and still find an interesting little detail you may not have previously noticed.  It shows Cindy Lou, Grinch, and Max.

Department 56 is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and is known for making fine collectibles.  The company got its start as a “department” (you can guess the number of the department, in Bachman’s florist shop in Minneapolis.  Obviously, it has well outgrown those humble beginnings and now sells products worldwide.


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