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Naperville, Illinois to Turn Into Whoville

Naperville, Illinois is taking advantage of the Grinch Grow Your Heart / National Grinch Day offerings by turning the town into Whoville throughout December.

Nearly sixty independently owned local stores, led by Anderson’s Bookshop, have signed up to promote the program.

Throughout December the Grinch will be making surprise appearances at the stores.  Somehow, he is also going to show up on websites, although we are not exactly sure how that is going to work.  We think how this is does is a picture or figure or the Grinch is located somewhere in the store or on a website.  If you find the Grinch you can request a card saying where you found him.  If someone collects at least sixteen cards from participating businesses and turns them into Anderson’s Bookstore, they get a free candy cane and entry into a contest to win other, yet unspecified prizes.  They also get the Random House Good Deeds kit, targeted at small kids, that tries to get the committed to doing good deeds.

This is the first year of this type of program and we will see it how goes.  Collecting cards to get a candy cane at the bookstore seems underwhelming.  But maybe the treasure hunt idea will catch on.  We don’t imagine it will be too hard to find the Grinch so that little ones can participate.

Naperville is a suburb of Chicago.  The city was founded in 1831 and has a population of about 150,000.  The city is considered very affluent and was previously selected as one of the best places in America to live.  The find the Grinch contest ends on December 30, 2013.


National Grinch Day is December 1st

national grinch day

December 1st is a day Seuss Enterprises and book retailers are trying to establish as National Grinch Day.  It is supposed to kick off 25 Days of Grinchmas where retailers (especially bookstores)  promote Grinch themed events that will help children start reading.  Part of the pitch is to grow your heart three sizes by celebrating family reading and performing good deeds.

National Grinch Day is not a national holiday.  It has not been officially declared a day of recognition by the federal government (although you can expect that push to be made in a few years).  And why not?  We all love the Grinch.  He should have his own day.

December 1st already competes with Cyber Monday (at least this year) and heavy competition from what is now Black Friday “weekend”.

Currently, National Grinch Day is primarily an effort by small, locally owned booksellers to help save their businesses from large online sellers like Amazon.  It is a good idea as small bookstores need all the help they can get.  Getting children interested in reading at a young is one of the most important things that can be done to boost a child’s development and it can positively impact their entire life.

Random House is issuing independent booksellers a “Holiday Survival Kit” with window decals and promotional materials to draw the public into stores for ongoing Grinch events.  Over 8000 event kits are being distributed.  If a card is returned to Random House showing that a child has done three good deeds, such as making dinner, Random House will donate one book to the community.

Kits available for retailers include:

  • Grinch Community Cares Project
  • Holiday Survival Kit

In addition to providing in-store events to bring in customers during the shopping season, there is information about getting other local stores involved and turning a town into Whoville.

Random House is a publisher of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  The book has sold more than six million copies since it was first written by Dr. Seuss.  New editions of the book are now promoting this event on the back cover.

National Grinch Day is just getting started so we will see if it takes off in years to come.

Predictions: The send a post card to Random House if good deeds are done and a book donated will not last long.  This is one of those feel good offers dreamed up in a marketing department used as cover for what is really a commercial event.

Grinch characters at stores will grow in popularity.  This is great fun for the kids.

25 days of Grinch events at stores is not something that can effectively be pulled off year after year for many years.  But a Grinch day could be part of a larger Grinchmas campaign incorporating other characters (think teaming up with Disney) that repeatedly draws people back into local bookstores and libraries.

But we will just have to wait and see how this pans out.  For now, know that December 1st is being pitched as National Grinch Day which is a kickoff to events you may see locally leading up to Christmas.  It is a great idea and should be a lot of fun.  Get your picture taken with the Grinch could be a big draw.

Attention Collectors: Random House is distributing 1000 stand up Grinch displays for stores to use, and 325,000 buttons promoting the events this year.