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How to Make a Grinch Lollipop


Karen at Sugar Town Sweets has posted very detailed instructions on ow to make these fabulous Grinch lollipops:

The setup is easy, although you will need some supplies.  Melt red jolly ranchers and use heart shaped molds to cut out heart shapes.  Then melt green jolly ranchers and press the red hearts into the larger green shape, and add a lollipop stick.

Supplies needed:

- Lollipop sticks

- Red jolly ranchers

- Green jolly ranchers

- Small heart shaped cookie cutter mold

With these wonderful treats your heart may grow three sizes too watching the kids have fun with these lollipops. 



How to Make Grinch Cake

grinch cake

Here is a recipe for this Grinch cake:

But when you think about it, just about any cake will do.  The key is the frosting and design on top.

What you need is a plan, such as a drawing to work from, if you are not good on your toes when drawing figures on a cake – or can fix mistakes.

Something we like about this recipe is that it is not a cake recipe at all.  It starts off with a cake.   It also assumes you have already made the frosting.  Then it proceeds step by step with what you need to have, and what you need to do, to make this design.

For example, the final step is to “change your star tip to a #2 round tip and carefully pipe the teeth onto the face of Grinch between the lines you painted on.”

That is detailed and what you need to be able to make a memorable cake face like this.  Our recommendation is to skip the teeth and just go with the smile.  But do whatever you want to make this fun for you and your family.

Remember to take a picture after completing your masterpiece!

There were a couple “ingredients” that, not (yet) being world class chefs, are not found in our kitchen.  You will want to make sure you have what you need before starting a project like this.

One “ingredient” – really an item – is a silicone rolling pin.  This is used to roll out the fondant (like icing, used to decorate the top of a cake).  Another is a fondant smoother.

You can get a silicone rolling pin here:

The reason for using silicone is that it is nonstick.  This helps make rolling out fondant, dough, or anything else easier.  It also makes cleanup afterwards a breeze.  This one we chose because it is dishwasher safe and has comfortable, longer handles which make it very easy to use.

A fondant spatula is helpful to make shapes, especially delicate shapes out of icing. Having the right tools can make your cooking projects much more enjoyable as they go faster and result in nicer looking cakes. To get a fondant spatula:



How to Make Grinch Pie

grinch pie

This comes from Ellery Adams, one of the “Cozy Chicks” fiction writers, where she posted a recipe for green Grinch pie here:

The primary ingredients are crushed chocolate sandwich cookie wafers, butter marshmallow cream, whipping cream and of course green food coloring.  Basically, it is a recipe for grasshopper pie called Grinch pie.

She also includes crème de menthe liqueur and crème de cacao, which involves alcohol, so this is not for us and not exactly kid friendly – which is what you want for fun Grinch pie.  Ironically, she posted the recipe as a part of a promotion for a story called “Pecan Pies and Homicides.”  But, if you don’t mind the alcohol used as flavoring then you can use the recipe as is.

Our suggestion is to find replacement ingredients for the alcohol and then try something like this out.


Whoville Made From Pastry and Sugar in Austin

whoville pastry

The pastry chefs at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, are making an entire Whoville this year.  This incredible (and yummy) production will require more than two hundred pounds of sugar.

Each year the Four Seasons decides to make a special gingerbread village, and this year they chose the Grinch and Whoville as their model.

Ten different Whoville houses are being created.  Some chefs spent twenty to thirty hours working on their part of the project.  As a result, the colors are vibrant and the details are spectacular.

In addition to Whoville houses the chefs, led by Chief Chef Javier Franco, have created Max the dog, a train, and sack full of toys and gifts.

Everything is edible, from the gingerbread framework for the houses all the way to the Grinch’s head.  Although it is snow free in Austin this time of year, and every time of year, these houses will have both snow and hanging icicles.

These fantastic pieces of food art will then be sold at auction to the highest bidders.  The proceeds are donated to the Shivers Cancer Center.  Each piece is separately sold so not only one person gets the yearly production.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin is located at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard.  If you are in the area it is worth going in to see this amazing production.

The Shivers Cancer Center of Austin is located at 2600 E Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Whoville, the Grinch, and other sugary characters will be on display at the Hotel until the end of the year.


How to Make Grinch Fruit Snack

Here is a fun and healthy idea we really like – the Grinch Fruit Snack.  Not only is it yummy, it is adorable.  You may want to think twice before eating it!  Full details about making this dessert can be found at:

This was created by Jill and her three young boys.  She likes to blog about her wonderful food creations, and she has been asked to write for a couple other food sites too.

This creation does involve a bit of work, and toothpicks are used to hold everything in place.  That is great for picture taking, but you will want to make sure no one pokes themself on a toothpick when they grab for this, or accidentally bite down on one.

What you could do instead is cut the top off the green apple so it has a flat top.  Then on top you strategically place the strawberries.  They will not be able to be mounted real high, but high enough, and you will not need to use toothpicks to keep them in place.

If you want to make a Santa Hat, with a marshmallow at the end of a strawberry, then use a toothpick is probably in order.  Perhaps a little whipped cream at the end of a strawberry can serve as a good replacement.

Have fun with this one!


Grinch Invades Jean Philippe Patisserie at Las Vegas Bellagio


Wow!  That yummy Grinch weighs a couple hundred pounds!

Standing an impressive five and one-half feet tall, this dessert Grinch towers above the Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas.  It took a team three months to make this incredible concoction.  The Grinch is made up of more than fifty pounds of chocolate and over one hundred pounds of sugar icing.

This is Santa Grinch, with his pointy elf toes and wonderful red Santa coat.  He is sure to draw in the shoppers and gawkers who want to see this amazing work of food art.

The Bellagio is located at 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas.  The casino resort was the subject of the fictitional Oceans 11 movie heist and is considered one of the top luxury destinations in Las Vegas.  Outside are the famed Bellagio fountains.  Inside is a gallery of fine art, botanical gardens, and over 2000 glass blown flowers created by famed artist Dale Chihuly.  Now, the Bellagio can claim the Grinch.  For now.  It is unknown how long this food art will last.  If you are in Las Vegas during the next few weeks you will want to check it out.

Jean-Philippe Maury is a world renowned pastry champion born in France.  His Bellagio store has the world’s largest chocolate fountain.



How to Make Grinch Cupcakes

Grinch cupcakes.  Easy enough to get green frosting.  Your challenge will be to make it “stringy” with narrow lines you can use to draw with.  These cupcakes have the green fringe around the edges.  On top brown and yellow frosting is used to make the face and features.

An icing gun will do work.  Or, if you do not have this kitchen accessory, simply use a sandwich bag, put icing in the corner, cut off a small end and slowly push the frosting through as you create your design.

Another take on the cupcakes.  These have a little surprise inside – the Grinch’s heart which is now three times too big.

These incredible Grinch cupcakes are more works of art than anything else.  Created by nancyBee and posted at CakeCentral Nancy says to make the fondue have a puffy look she first cut out the basic shape and then softened the edges by hand molding it.  With the Grinch on top of the large cupcake, it looks like he is on top of Mount Crumpit looking down on Whoville.  To make this it is evident we have plain cupcakes.  They can be about anything but need to have a flat top.  This is all about what goes on top.  First there is the fondue which looks like snow.  Then on top are the colorful decorations.

Our recommendation:  We like the first look on the page.  Get green frosting from the store.  Spread on whatever flavor of cupcake you want.  Then draw the Grinch face on top.  For this you will also need brown and yellow frosting.

How to Make Grinch Punch

Great looking green punch!

To make this use Sprite or another clear pop if you prefer 7Up or Ginger Ale.  Add lime green sherbert which will provide the coloring as it begins to melt.  That’s how simple it is to make Grinch punch.

If you cannot find lime sherbert, use lemon sherbert and add green food coloring until you get the color you want. 

Add enough sherbert to your drink as you see fit.  You probably want it a little slushy so there is enough ice cream to melt and provide coloring.  But unless you want a “root beer float” don’t go overboard with too much sherbert that never fully melts.

The interesting effect along the rim is made by mixing sugar with green sprinkles, and a bit of liquid to keep it together.

Another easy option is to pour some sugar into a shallow bowl or plate and mix it with liquid food coloring.  This will create green sugar.

Then what you do is take a glass, turn it upside down and press it into the green sugar.  If it helps, to make the sugar stick, first wet the rim of the glass.

Or, you can go without the fancy, sugary rim and just have a green drink.  Everyone will still love this Grinch Punch!

The green color is so vibrant, and unusual, everyone will love it.  Even better, it tastes good too.  Be prepared to make extra because Grinch punch often goes fast!


How to Make Grinch Cookies

The simple trick is to add green food coloring to your cookie dough.  You do not have to add very much, just a couple teaspoons.

Add a little, mix the dough and see how it looks, then you can add more to get the coloring right.  You can always add more, but you can’t subtract it, so be conservative in adding the coloring.

A simple recipe is to take sugar cookie dough because of its light color.  Add green food coloring.  You will not need much, maybe ten to twelve drops to get a nice green color.  The continue to make according to your regular sugar cookie recipe.

To add chocolate chips you do not need chocolate chip dough.  You can use sugar cookie mix, such as Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, add the green food coloring to give it the right color, then add in chocolate chips.