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Grinch Collector Natalee Billman

natalee billman

Yes, there are a lot of Grinch dolls behind Natalee Billman of South Lake Tahoe, California.  She also has a five foot tall Grinch replica sitting in her boss’ office at South Tahoe Refuse.  Fortunately for Natalee her boss is not a Grinch and enjoys the holiday fun.

Natalee has been collecting Grinch ornaments and figures for about seventeen years.


David Howes: Super Grinch Collector

Meet Grinch collector David Howes from near Buffalo, New York. Do you see that huge red contraption behind him, the one that is not his barn? That is one of two sleighs from the 2000 Grinch movie starring Jim Carrey. David has this wonderful, and eighteen foot high movie prop because he is a super Grinch collector. He likes getting stuff like this.

His collection is so impressive he has been interviewed each of the last two years by his local newspaper. Interviewing David each year may become as regular as watching the Grinch himself.

David was born in 1962 and lives in East Aurora, which is a town of 6000 Southwest from Buffalo, New York, and considered to be within the Buffalo metro area. When not working in the maintenance department for the Orchard Park School District, David is busy collecting Grinch items. He has over 150 items to date. An impressive number! Fortunately, not all are as large as the Grinch’s sleigh.

Or, perhaps more accurately, when not engaged in his profession of collecting Grinch movie props, David moonlights for the School District. How many people do you know who list their profession as Grinch movie prop collector? Check out David Howe’s LinkedIn profile:

david howes

He first started collecting Grinch items in 2003 after the Grinch movie had played in theatres and movie collectibles began to become available. His first purchase was a green ornament. His most prized collectible is a pink pumbersilla, which is a combination umbrella and parasol. In Whoville, instead of stork delivering babies, pumbersilla’s float down deliving baby Whos to their new families. He also owns a brown robe worn by Jim Carrey in the movie, and the giant chair for Whoville Mayor Augustus Mayhoo. Other prizes in his movie prop collection include the hat worn by the timekeeper who kept telling people how long it is until Christmas, and a huge mug used for “Who Nog.”

In over a decade Howes has probably spent $15,000 acquiring Grinch collectibles.

A bit of trivia from Howes – the roast beast being carved at the end of the Grinch movie is not roast beef. It is an eight-legged turkey. He also notes that the Whos have six toes and 1938 candy canes were used in the movie. David was watched the Jim Carrey movie over a hundred times, includes DVD extras, so he could absorb every little detail and fact about the Whos.

During the holidays his massive collective has been displayed for others to enjoy at the Aurora Theater. The Aurora Theater is located at 673 Main Street in East Aurora.