New Grinch Animated Movie Trailer Released

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures are preparing to release a new animated Grinch movie on November 9, 2018!

Here is the first trailer to promote the film:

The trailer initially takes you through the tunnels of the Grinch’s home. There, the Grinch is asleep on December 20th when his alarm clock goes off – naturally, to the song Happy.

The Grinch is not amused.

Max is then shown working a Rube Goldberg contraption to make the Grinch a cup of coffee.

Kind of weird, but the Grinch is shown in white underwear and he puts on green fuzzy pants / leggings. This seems to be some politically correct effort to explain why the Grinch is shown without any genitals. As if pantless pretend and cartoon characters for decades have somehow needed to have genitals.

The Grinch is then shown in a grocery store creating chaos.

Various multicultural and more modern looking Whos are shown.

At the end of the trailer the Grinch gets hit in the face by an inflating snowman.

Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch.

benedict cumberbatch

The new movie is called The Grinch. Not How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Overall, the trailer was not riotously funny. But it was humorous and showed promise.

Adorable Grinch Presentation at Fort Scott High School

Fort Scott Grinch

Check out these kids!

Almost 50 children, ranging from kindergarten through the eighth grade, gave a memorable performance at Fort Scott High School of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

By all accounts the kids had a great time and the auditorium was packed. And their costumes were perfect.

They were acting under the guidance of the high school thespians / drama students.

Fort Scott High School is located at 1005 South Main Street. The town of Fort Scott has a population of about 8000, and they know how to put on a show!

Grinch Yard Art Storms the World

2014 is the year when Grinch yard art made a big splash.

Grinch Yard Art

We have a few shown on a Grinch merchandise page but the yard art is becoming so popular this Christmas season it is worth highlighting these fun items on the Grinch blog.

Keep in mind these seem to all be handmade pieces. Call the art. Due to their popularity we would not be surprised to see official Grinch yard art released next year.

In addition to the Grinch, you can pick up Cindy Lou Who and Max:

Cindy Lou Yard Art

Max Yard Art

This yard art could be made of metal, but is usually wood. Such as plywood. It is then painted or digitally printed. Either way, it is very colorful.

Again, since these are custom made items make you check the product description so you know exactly what you are buying. Each one may be slightly different.

Since they are handmade you can get the Grinch facing either direction:

Grinch Yard Art Facing Left

The yard art is typically about four feet high for the Grinch. Shorter for Cindy Lou and Max.

Here is another version:

Grinch Lawn Statue

Here is how the seller generally described the piece:

The Grinch measures 48 inches tall and 21 inches wide. He is designed to be used with a string of lights to appear as though he is stealing them. Max measures 30 inches by 14 inches They are painted on wood that is a 1/2 inch thick and made for outdoor use. It has been primed with kilz paint and then painted with acrylic paints and then sealed with 3 coats of clear coat non yellowing sealant. He is only painted on one side, the back is painted black.

And another version:

Grinch and Max Lawn Art

It has this description:

Grinch Stands 40″ tall and is 20″ wide. Max is 27″ tall and 9″ wide, both are hand cut 1/2″ treated wood. They have both been treated with UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating to prevent fading and water damage.
Stakes and screws will be included for no additional cost.

As you can tell, the abilities of each artist differs.

These are a lot of fun! You will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Grinch Smile

grinch smile

Has there been a more famous smile since the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland?

chesire cat

Here you can see the evolution of the smiling Grinch. From you laid-back, every day Grinch living in a cave, to the huge mischievous grin we know him for.

smile animated

Even better, though, is showing off and wearing the Grinchy smile. Cool clothes featuring the Grinch’s smile can be found – but tedious to find. On this page we will try and make your shopping a lot easier.

smile shirt

This casual shirt is sold as a man’s T-shirt, which of course means it can worn by anyone. Sold in sizes medium, large, extra large and XXL.

This shirt is also available in children’s sizes: Youth Large and Youth Extra Large.

smile longsleeve

If a t-shirt is not your style, or you also want something warmer to wear during the winter months, or on Christmas! then check out this longsleeve version. Sold in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

smile crewneck

You can also get a long sleeved crew neck version if that is your style preference.

Finally, this design also has a hoodie version. If you really want to be cool wearing the Grinch. We have seen it sold in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

smile hoodie

grinch green smile shirt

This adult Grinch shirt is very similar. It has a darker green color and the mouth is slightly different. In this version the mouth is drawn by one solid line. In the prior picture, in the middle, you will see a bit more artwork. It all depends on your preference and what is in stock.

This version is sold in sizes small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL.

smile mug

Around the house this Grinch smile mug is really nice. Made by Vandor, one of our favorite companies, you know this is a quality product. Made of ceramic it has a big easy to use handle.

smile travel mug

This travel mug we really like. It features the large Grinch face and smile. While everyone else a boring Starbucks or generic mug, this one is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. You may need more than one!

smile tote bag

This smiling tote bag is nice. Made from recycled materials it is water resistance and easy cleans with a wet cloth. The downside, though, is it isn’t big enough. It is a small tote bag measuring ten by four by twelve inches. Hopefully they will also make a bigger bag.

The Grinch to Air on ABC on Christmas


ABC is going all Grinch for Christmas this year. The animated classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas will air on December 25, 2014, at 8 pm ET/PT.

Then the animated show originally aired in 1966 it was shown on CBS.


After the animated movie ABC will show the live action film starring Jim Carrey.

Several dozen Christmas specials are being shown by the networks this year. The last one, in the Christmas clean-up spot, is the Dr. Seuss favorite.

Other Christmas shows being shown on television this year include:

Frosty the Snowman
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Merry Madagascar
The Story of Santa Claus
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Christmas in Rockefeller Center
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
I Love Lucy Christmas Special
Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Frosty Returns
Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol
Shrek the Halls

New How the Grinch Stole Christmas – November 17, 2017

4 years to draw a movie?

It was just announced that a new movie version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas will be released on November 17, 2017.  Yes, almost four years from now.

The movie will be directed by Pete Candeland based on a script from Michael LeSieur.  The movie studio is Illumination Entertainment, which is partly owned by Universal.

According to a story in Variety, Peter Candeland was chosen as the director by Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment in part due to his distinct look and work on music videos for The Gorillaz.  However, this will be his first feature direction.  Variety referred to this as a roll of the dice. According to the International Movie Data Base, Candeland has only directed twice:  in 2009 a video short called Harmonix: The Beatles – Rock Band, and in 2002 the video documentary Gorillaz: Phase One – Celebrity Take Down.

Although Pete has more experience as an animator, the resume is still sparse with nothing at all in a dozen years since 2002.  Right now, this, and the four year production time do not bode well.

Michael LeSieur’s resume as a writer is just as sparse.  Two movies to his name: You, Me and Dupree from 2006 and the 2009 film the Maiden Heist.  Neither was an animation, and neither was a hit.

This will be a new animated version.  It will not be a sequel to the original Dr. Seuss animation and is not a remake of the Jim Carrey live action movie.

Fortunately, the movie producers are Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy.  Meledandri has significant movie experience, including animations of other Dr. Seuss material including The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who!   The last couple years Healy has also been active producing a number of projects.  An executive producer is claimed to be Audrey Geisel, the 90- year old widow of Dr. Seuss.  She will be 93 or 94 when the movie is finally released.  Here’s hoping she is still around in the four years it takes to make this.

Dr. Seuss’ animated movie is a yearly holiday favorite.  One of the most enduring and loved films.  That is a tough standard against which to create a new version, especially with essentially rookies in control.  Come Christmas in 2017 we will know if this was a good decision.



Proposed Jack Nicholson Grinch by Berkeley Breathed

berkeley breathed grinch

Before the live version of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey was made, at least one other version of a Grinch movie was proposed.  This would have been an animated / computer graphics CGI version with Jack Nicholson serving as the voice for the Grinch.  Movie concept designs depicting the Grinch were prepared by cartoonist Berkeley Breathed.

In the above concept design the Grinch is seen as a middle-aged, overweight, balding character with strands of green hair.  Dressed in brown with over-sized brown shoes, he is not an appealing character.  He also does not look much like the Grinch in Dr. Seuss’ book.

berkeley breathed grinch

This concept picture more clearly shows the Grinch being drawn to look like Jack Nicholson.  A character being voiced over by an actor is typically not drawn to look like the actor.  But that is what was proposed.

berkeley breathed grinch

Here the Grinch is using an old car for a sleigh.  This other picture depicts the Grinch looking like he came straight out of a Bloom County cartoon.

Berke Breathed became famous for his Bloom County cartoon and characters Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin.  Bloom County ended its run in 1989, although many of its characters continued in subsequent cartoon series by Breathed such as Outland and Opus.

These concept versions make the Grinch story look more like a Bloom County cartoon than a Dr. Seuss cartoon.  It may have been great in its own.  We will never know.

The Jim Carrey Grinch movie directed by Ron Howard is definitely more faithful to the Grinch as envisioned by Dr. Seuss, and we are glad that is the direction chosen for making a movie.  Jack Nicholson, though, would likely have done a wonderful job voicing over the Grinch in an animated film.  Just so long as the Grinch looks like the Grinch and not Jack.

Jack Nicholson has received more Academy Award nominations than any other male actor in history.  However, these have not been for voicing over animated movies.

According to Box Office Mojo, the Jim Carrey Grinch movie made more money than any of Nicholson’s films in actual dollars.  Adjusted for inflation, two of Jack’s movies were bigger hits: Batman and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The message printed below the sleigh picture of the Grinch and Max on Mount Crumpit states:

“The Grinch” movie concept art, 1997

In the mid-nineties we made a bid for The Grinch movie rights.
I saw the film as being a CG animated romp with Jack Nicholson in the
lead role and created the art here to demonstrate.

Dr. Seuss’s widow Audrey Geisel enjoyed our vision.  She enjoyed the vision
of Ron Howard and Universal’s option money somewhat more, alas.
The rest is Jim Carrey live-action movie history.

Nobody but Audrey has ever seen these.
Enjoy and muse along with me what might have been.  – bb


Fortunately, Berke decided to release this information.  Otherwise, we would not have known about the proposed Jack Nicholson version of the Grinch.




The Retroist Podcast of How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Retroist has made an interesting and informative podcast about Dr. Seuss and How the Grinch Stole Christmas was made.  The Retroist relates how his love for the story began with his family and the watching of the Grinch animated movie each year.  He now has four copies of the show on disc.

The Retroist is a blog at discussing nostalgic events which many of us relate to and bond with.

After a musical introduction the podcast quickly dives into a blizzard of detailed facts about the making of the television special and who was involved.

Vic Sage, one of the site’s editors, then provides a detailed review of Thurl Ravenscroft as part of his “Why Should I Know This Person” series.  Ravenscroft sung the “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” in the show, but was mistakenly left off the original credits.  That led to Dr. Seuss taking out a full page advertisement to give Thurl the credit he was due.

The podcast then explores more facts about the animated movie, including its $315,000 budget and the subsequent shows it spawned.

One statement from the podcast says it all: “The world is hungry for the Grinch.”

Yes, it is.  As the Retroist notes, the live action Grinch movie became the second biggest selling holiday film of all time.

The podcast runs slightly more than eighteen minutes.

To listen to the podcast you can click on our mirror of the .mp3 file here:

You should then get an option to listen to the podcast using the media software on your computer device.

For more Retroist information about the Grinch, including an option to subscribe to more podcasts, visit the Retroist here.


Grinch Collector Natalee Billman

natalee billman

Yes, there are a lot of Grinch dolls behind Natalee Billman of South Lake Tahoe, California.  She also has a five foot tall Grinch replica sitting in her boss’ office at South Tahoe Refuse.  Fortunately for Natalee her boss is not a Grinch and enjoys the holiday fun.

Natalee has been collecting Grinch ornaments and figures for about seventeen years.