10 Most Expensive Grinch Products

Our countdown only includes products that have sold. This helps eliminate one-of-a-kind art pieces offered for sale at extravagant prices at which they have no hope of selling. Someone paid to take these treasures home.

10. $225 - Department 56 Farfingle Store

Dept. 56 kicks off our list with this depiction of Farfingle's Department Store from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

It is detailed and you are either into Dept. 56 collectibles or not.

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9. $250 - Lenox Feast Figurine

Lenox collectibles made this hand-painted figurine which is accented with 24 karat gold

It is called the Grinch Grabs the Christmas Feast as it shows the Grinch raiding the food from the refrigerator.

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8. $325 - Department 56 Whoville City Hall

Dept. 56 makes detailed collectibles. This one shows the Whoville City Hall with the Grinch standing out front.

Embedded on City Hall it says "E Pluribus Whonum". The Grinch is wearing a ho-ho-ho shirt and oddly seems to be wearing striped socks.

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7. $350 - Size Foot Inflatable Animation

This huge six foot high scene is both inflatable and animated. It depicts the Grinch starting to go down a chimney to steal the Christmas gifts.

It also lights up so all your neighbors can enjoy it all season long.

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6. $400 - Life Sized Animated Statue

Yes, the picture we have is not grand, but it shows the full size of this animated statue.

If you have seen people with huge animated Christmas scenes in their front lawns then this fits in that genre.

During the rest of the year you can prop up the Grinch in your living room to greet guests!

5. $700 - Movie Prop (TV Remote)

What is that weird thing in the picture? It is a TV remote, a movie prop used by Jim Carrey in the movie.

Movie props make for unique and cool collectibles. This one is a little obscure, but each prop will have a great story behind it. If it has been used by a famous actor that makes it even more valuable.

4. $1300 - 1966 Animated Movie Cel

An original production cel used to create the 1966 animated movie. Any movie cel this old will be valuable as back then these items were not being made and saved with fans and collectors in mind.

This cel shows the Grinch and Max sledding back down the mountain with presents to return to the Whos.

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3. $1500 - First Edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This hard to find first edition is very popular with book collectors. Do you think Dr. Seuss ever imagined his children's book would sell for so much?

Time to raid the piggy bank because this one is not for kids.

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2. $2000 - Nike Grinch Shoes Promotionals

Some may argue this is not a "Grinch" product because the Grinch is not shown on it. There is a reason why these Nike Kobe Bryant shoes are officially called the Grinch.

Check out the coloring and scales. There is little question about who these shoes were made after.

You can get "run of the mill" Nike Grinch shoes for several hundred dollars, which is good enough to land on this list. These particular shoes were promotional rarities which of course causes the value to skyrocket.

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1. $6895 - Bronze Maquette Statue

This extremely limited bronze statue sold by the Chase Group is only for the most discriminating collector.

The bronze Sculpture is not huge, measuring twelve and three-quarter inches in height and eight and three-quarter inches in width.

But it is rare. Only 195 numbered editions were released, plus an even small number of special patrons editions and collector's proofs.

If you are fortunate to have this rarity keep it safe.


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